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Diet for enuresis



What to eat and to drink to prevent bed-wetting?

Nutrition can play an important role in the control of enuresis. It should be borne in mind that in many cases a lack of minerals or vitamins may be responsible for a lack of strength in the muscles of the urinary bladder determining that the child or, less often, the adult is unable to control urination.

On the other hand we must bear in mind that many foods, regardless of its wealth of vitamins and minerals, have diuretic or astringent properties. In the first case, it is important for the foods which increase the percentage of not to be eaten during the day, either morning, noon or early afternoon. At night, it is important not to eat diuretic or astringent food. Reading about the properties of each food, will help you decide which to choose.

Among the suitable foods we have the following:

- Foods high in Vitamin C: The ingestion of these foods could help to solve the problem.

- Foods high in Vitamin B: These can help to fortify the muscle of the bladder.

- Foods high in Vitamin E: It works along with the previous vitamin in the fortification of the muscle of the urinary bladder.

- Rich-iron foods: It has been verified that the deficit of this mineral can contribute to enuresis.

What to drink to control the enuresis?

At first, it should be noted that drinking too much before bedtime will produce an activation of the kidneys in the period within an hour after drinking. This will determine the need to urinate. If the person who has taken plenty of fluids is asleep, bed wetting can appear unconsciously. It is therefore necessary to restrict fluids for an hour or so before bedtime.

There is a series of very diuretic drinks that should be avoided after lunch. Among these we can name those that are rich in caffeine or theine such as tea or coffee, colas or soft drinks that contain these components. Bicarbonate drinks should also be avoided.

Chocolate has liquid or solid theobromine, an exciting substance, so you should never eat it from late afternoon or evening.

It is important for dinner to be especially solid. Soups and broths help increase urination.

punto rojo More information on other aspects of the natural treatment of the enuresis in the listing above.

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