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Properties of agar agar



Common name: Agar agar, ceylon moss

- German: Klatschmohn
- Dutch: Agar Agar
- Spanish: Agar agar
- Catalan: Agar agar
- Basque/ euskera: Agar agar
- Galician / Portuguese: Agar Agar
- Italian: Agar agar
- French: Agar agar

Scientific names: Gelidium amansii, Gelidium corneum, Gelidium sesquipedale, mammillaris Gracilaria, Gracilaria lichenoides, Gracilaria debilis, Eucheuma spinosum, Gelidiella acerosa, Ahnfeltia plicata, Pterocladia capillacea, etc.

Habitat: In coastal and natural estuaries. Reproduced in pools or ponds.

Features: Red algae belonging to the genus Gracilaria. Gelidium, Eucheuma, Pterocladia or Ahnfeltia. (More information on their characteristics in the listing above)




Drawing of the alga Gracilaria erecta 


Main components of agar agar:

- Agarose

- Agaropectin

- Water

- Proteins

- Minerals (mainly potassium, calcium and iron.)


Since ancient times, agar agar has been used in Japan and China, together with other algae, for the treatment of obesity, constipation and to cleanse the body, because this alga cleans and alkalinizes the blood



Internal use preparations with agar agar


Digestive system: The fiber content of this seaweed gelatin makes it suitable in many digestive anomalies. Among them we can mention the following:

- Constipation: Using a teaspoon of agar agar powder diluted in two cups of cold water forms a gel that is eaten to promote bowel movements.

If you prefer, you can prepare dishes with the gelatin to add more flavor, because the agar itself is tasteless. With powder you can prepare broths, soups, fruit juices and other foods (More on this topic in the agar agar in the kitchen in the listing above)

- Hemorrhoids: The above product facilitates the expulsion of feces and it is suitable in case of hemorrhoids.

- Metabolism: agar agar contains virtually no calories so it can also be used in diets for obesity or low-fat diets.

Toxicity and contraindications

Although agar agar shows no toxicity, people who usually have diarrhea should monitor their intake and take moderate quantities of this product not to worse it.

Some people may be very sensitive to this sea food which intake can cause allergy problems in the skin, manifested mainly in the form of itching. It can cause liver problems to people who do not tolerate it.

punto rojo More information about agar agar in the listing above.

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