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Supplements for diarrhea



How to cure diarrhea with vitamins and other supplements


There are a number of supplements (vitamins and minerals) that can help curb the tendency of suffering from diarrhea. Among these we can mention:

- Vitamin E: The intake of 400 IU per day helps to regulate bowel function.

- Acidophilus: The intake of acidophilus favors the creation of an appropriate intestinal flora to control pathogenic microorganisms. The usual dose is 6 pills a day in three divided doses . Such supplementation is particularly interesting when diarrhea is caused by ingestion of antibiotics.

- Supplements of garlic: the ingestion of capsules of dehydrated garlic helps to eliminate many pathogenic bacteria that can cause diarrhea.

- Psyllium Seeds or zaragatona: supplements of Psyllium Seeds or zaragatona absorb liquid from the body and reduce diarrhea. Drink two tablespoons dissolved in water each day. When you take this supplement be sure to drink plenty of water.


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