Amphetamines characteristics

Amphetamines characteristics

What are the amphetamines?

Within the group of stimulants, the main exponents are the amphetamines. They are produced synthetically and are the most powerful and lasting stimulants that act to cause an increase in the brain of the neurotransmitter noradrenaline.

They were discovered during the 30’s for the treatment of colds and certain allergies. Subsequently used to control obesity. Recently used in conventional medicine to combat chronic fatigue, especially when displayed episodes of narcolepsy or constant need to sleep during the day and sleep problems overnight. They are also used to treat hyperactive children.

During World War II they were used to encourage the soldiers to fight better. Also in the past this drug was supplied to many Eastern workers to perform better in the factories. The worst episode since the use of this drug occurred in the late 60’s when many young people decided to take it intravenously, which led to many problems of physical and mental episodes of paranoia and psychosis.

Properties of amphetamines

The use of amphetamines keeps the individual awake, active energy, improves one’s mood and decreases one’s appetite. For all these properties they are also known as “speed”, which refers to the frenzied activity that consuming them involves.

For this reason they are used by many students to work at night without falling asleep. Similarly, they are commonly used to stimulate some creative thinking or many athletes to increase physical potential. In the latter case, they are often used by athletes, swimmers, or those who lift heavy weights. However, doping with this substance is very dangerous and there are known cases of deaths that respond to this cause. Well known is the death of cyclist Tom Simpson after using this substance.

Dangers of amphetamines

Amphetamines may be appropriate when used under proper medical prescription, but their abuse or a too long medication causes insomnia, anxiety and irritability. They may even produce panic, hallucinations, depression or schizophrenia.

Amphetamins are also called “slimming pills” because they inhibit the sensation of hunger. Used in slimming diets to eliminate hunger and reduce body weight, they become a way of reducing the vitality of the body and enter the world of drug addiction easily. Without reaching this point, many cases of juvenile anorexia are caused by amphetamine consumption.

Although they do not produce physical dependency, they do create psychological dependency and, along with cocaine, they are two drugs that produce a greater dependency and are more difficult to eradicate, especially when the acquisition mode is by injecting them.

How are amphetamines used?

They are often sold illegally in envelopes of 1 g in powder form that can be white or color that is usually taken snorted, injected, or drunk. Is often used as a stimulant in the dance halls where one can distinguish consumers for their excessive verbiage and excitement.

we must not forget that amphetamines have to be sold by prescription. Otherwise, we face a drug which production, use or trafficking is considered as an illegal activity.

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25 May, 2021

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