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What is marijuana?

Marijuana or pot is a mixture of all the parts of the hemp plant (Cannabis indica) Its active principle is the tetrahydrocannabinol.

What is hashish?

Hashish is produced by the distillation of the resin extracted from flowers of Cannabis indica, offering a superior concentration of tetrahydrocannibol to marijuana.(A 40 % instead of a 10 % in the leaves)

Differences between marijuana and hashish

The main differences between a product and another are:

– Marijuana is in the form of dry grass, while hashish is often presented in the form of a stiff dough bars.

– Grass-like marijuana is ready to be smoked, while hashish has to be prepared before using it by means of heat

– Marijuana contains less active principles than hashish.

How are marijuana and hashish used?

Marijuana is used as a drug by smoking it in cigarettes or pipe

Hashish typically has to be burn a little to undo its usual form of brownish tablets. Then, it has to be mixed with tobacco to be smoked. You can also smoke a pipe.

Are there any other products from Cannabis indica, apart from marijuana and hashish?

Derivatives from Cannabis are used all throughout the world. There some several varieties, for example:

Chastri: a variety used in Egypt, produced by the combination of hashish, fermented rice, sugar and herbs.

Madjoum: a variety of Far East, made by mixing hashish with opium,thorn apple and nux vomica.

When was marijuana or hashish used for the first time?

There are clear historical hints of Cannabis use in china almost 3000 years b. C. where it was used as a medicinal plant to heal rheumatoid diseases and malaria.

Almost every culture of the past used it, but is was mainly utilized and spread by the Arabs.

From a scientific point of view, It was first studied at the end of XVIII century in France, where it was very fashionable within the cultural world of Bohemia.

In the first half of XX century it scattered among intellectual society and, in the Sixties or Seventies, marijuana consumption competed with that one of LSD within what was known as the ” Hippie movement”.

From then on, its consumption has been decreasing, being substituted by hashish which has extended itself among circles of different social status and has become widely outspread. (It is estimated about 300 million of hashish consumers all over the world)


Differences of marijuana and hashish in respect to “other hard drugs”

Marijuana and hashish are considered soft drugs. Unlike opiates (morphine, heroin, etc.) and other drugs (LSD, cocaine, etc.), they do not produce withdrawal symptoms or physical need to consume, even if they “engage” psychologically.

It has unsuccessfully been tried to prove that the use of marijuana and hashish can constitute a bridge to the use of hard drugs.

Unlike most other drugs that lead consumers to social isolation, they have a socializing effect causing the consumer to open contact with the outside world.

Are marijuana and hashish addictive?

Anyone, who is very accustomed to its use, can quit smoking marijuana or hashish, but for a week or so, usual smokers will present symptoms of insomnia, loss of appetite and irritability.

Consequences of smoking marijuana and hashish

What are the positive effects of marijuana and hashish?

Among the positive effects of their consumption we can point out the following:

– Increase of imagination

– Euphoria

– Stimulation of sensations and pleasure

– Afterglow and hallucinations.

– We should also mention the therapeutic uses of marijuana. (See details)

What are the negative effects of marijuana and hashish?

As for the negative effects of marijuana and hashish, it has been mentioned in some studies some changes in the psyche, especially the lack of interest and motivation, mainly in adolescents, and some psychotic disorders.

From a physical standpoint, the problems of arrhythmia and coronary insufficiency are principle mentioned.

Other negative consequences for the human body would be weak nails and hair and widespread loss of teeth because of tooth decay.

Contraindications of marijuana and hashish

Scientific studies advise not to use this herb, even for therapeutic purposes in patients with schizophrenia and people with heart problems.

Side effects of marijuana and hashish

Consumed in excess, marijuana and hashish also involve a number of negative effects:

– Memory loss

– Anxiety

– Loss of Control

– Dry mouth

– Tachycardia

– Hypertension.

Is it dangerous the consumption of marijuana or hashish?

The use of any plant can have positive or negative effects. We have described the main virtues and major problems associated with Cannabis use. Therefore, it depends on the person who consume a plant product and how it is consumed which some effect or other may take place.


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26 November, 2020

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