How to avoid scabies


Tips to avoid scabies

Among the main tips we can point out the following:

Keep safe relationship

Any possible contact with an infected person can be the reason for scabies infection. Sexual intercourse is not necessary to become infected, although sexual relation with infected people can be another cause of contagion, especially when having several partners.

If you suspect to have had any physical contact with someone having scabies, taking a bath with very hot water after the physical contact can avoid contagion. This is is especially important when keeping a sexual intercourse with a non- continuous couple.

A close inspection of your body should be taken into account for some days following the contact in order to detect any possible symptom of infection. If any symptom is detected, you should treat yourself as soon as possible. You should also communicate it to your family or people you have been in contact lately.

Don’t share your clothes and your bedding

Sharing infected personal clothes (especially towels or cleaning clothes) bedding clothes (blankets, sheets or pillows) caps, hats, etc. is one of the main causes that can produce this contagion.

Soldiers should be more conscious about the possible danger of sharing their caps, laying down on other’s blankets, putting their head down on other’s pillows, sharing their towels, etc.

Old people who can not take care of themselves should be inspected from time to time to look for possible infection. This is particularly necessary not to infect others if they are going to be taken to a hospital, or they are going to stay in some residence.

Children should be inspected too.

Wash your clothes and bedding in hot water

Using very hot water (above 120 ºC) can eradicate the possible scabies mite remaining on the clothes. Bed sheets and pillow cases should be changed every night and washed on hot water.

Hot iron the clothes or bedding

Don’t share your comb or hair brush: Sharing them is a possible way of transmitting this parasite.

– Disinfect combs and hair brushes: Use hot water to get rid of possible parasites.

Take a hot bath

If you suspect or know that you have recently had a contact with an infected person or you have shared personal objects with someone infected with scabies, you should have a very hot bath in order to get rid of scabies parasite.

Clean the bath or shower properly after having had a bath or shower. This includes a complete disinfection of the bathroom floor, tub, washbasin, bidet and lavatory.

Vacuum your house of flat

Apart from the floor, you have to pay an especial attention to carpets, rugs, sofas, chairs or armchairs.

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25 July, 2020

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