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How to say agrimony in other languages?

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Common  English Name: Agrimony, stickwort, church steeples.

Common name in other languages:

– German: Odermennig.

– Dutch: Leverkruid, agrimonie.

– Spanish: Agrimonia, hierba de las heridas, hierba de San Guillermo, hierba del podador, mermasangre, té del norte, hierba bacera.

– Catalan: Agrimònia, setsegníes, herba de la sang, serverola, herba de Sant Antoni.

– Portuguese: Agrimónia, eupatória dos gregos.

– Gallego: Agrimónia, eupatória dos gregos.

– French: Eupatoire, aigremoine.

– Italian: Agrimonia, erba de andata, erba de Sant Guglielmo.

  • Scientific Name: Agrimonia eupatoria.

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4 October, 2021

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