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Common English name: Cherry plum, Myrobalan plum, Purple-leaf-plum

Common names in other languages:

 cherry plum tree
Photo of cherry plum tree

– Spanish / Español: Ciruelo de jardín, ciruelo – cerezo, ciruelo mirabolano o ciruelo de Pissard, ciruelo rojo

– French / Français: Myrobolan, prunier-cerise, prunier myrobolan

– Portuguese / Português: Abrunheiro-de-jardim

– Italian / Italiano: Mirabolano, brombolo, marusticano, rusticano

– Romanian / Română: Corcodușul, myrobalan

– German /Deutsch: Kirschpflaume- Holandés/Nederlands: kerspruim

– Danish / Dansk:Mirabel, Kirsebær-Blomme

– Finnish / Suomi: Kirsikkaluumu, myrobalaani

– Swedish / Svenska: Körsbärsplommon

– Norwegian / Norsk bokmål: Kirsebærplomme

– Turkish / Türkçe: Kiraz eriği

  • Scientific name: Prunus cerasifera Ehr

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13 December, 2021

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