What is Poinsettia?

Collaborations: poinsettia

Text and drawing: Claudia López, (10 years old)

Lavínia School


Translation: Vicent Martínez.


Christmas plant is called Poinsettia. This plant has some red very big flowers. Each red flower has a center with some little yellow balls and around it many red flowers. The stem of each red flower has many green leaves that are dark green up and light green down. One can see the leaf nerves very well.

This Christmas plant is being sold very much because, as it is said, it brings fortune. This plant needs hot weather, so it is better no to carry out into the street or terrace. Christmas plant does not need much water. To know what it needs, just look at the soil. If is is dry, it should be watered; if it is humid, it must not be watered.

Poinsettia should be transplanted into a big pot with soil and a little sand, after the holidays. This plant is beautiful and it decorates and cheers our house up very much



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23 November, 2020

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