Feelings of plants

What do plants feel?


Reason why vegetarians do not eat meat

Vegetarianism does not consume any meat of any animal because of of its vegetarian ethics that includes the good feelings for all the living creatures.

There are some vegetarians going further. They claim that plants are also living beings that also feel, so, they also decline “killing” them.

Do plants really feel?

We do not share the same level of feelings. Plants do not have a central nervous system like animals, nor they express themselves. That is, for example, they do not emit noise or protests if damaged.

What if is true, no matter what you think, is that a vegetarian diet requires less use of plants than a nutrition which includes meat or fish.

That is, we save all the vegetables and food that would be otherwise supplied to farm animals to grow them, to maintain them and to consume them later.

We should also bear in mind that most foods that make up a vegetarian diet do not involve the death of any plant, but they are its fruits and its seeds

Vegetarianism against climate change

bosque con rayos de luz

The UN, United Nations Organization, published in 2008 that vegetarianism helps curb climate change, and therefore cares for the environment.

The FAO (UN Agency for Food and Agriculture) says that the global warming of the Earth is based on the fact that cattle rearing farms cause a fifth of greenhouse gas emissions. They hurt seriously our ozone layer.

If only we stopped and refrained from eating meat one day a week, these emissions would be drastically reduced.

The FAO initiative promotes a shift to eating more and more vegetables.

They also mention that it is easier to change our feeding options and the way we nourish ourselves than our transport systems.

Vegetarianism against environmental pollution

It is worth mentioning that the excrements produced by animals, that are confined in animal farms, are major environmental water pollutants.

In fact, many pollutants can be avoided when choosing a food and a vegetarian lifestyle, where such farms do not exist.

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30 December, 2023

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