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Common name in other languages:

– Spanish: Guanábana, graviola, guanaba, guayabano, guyabano, huanaba, masasamba,zopote de viejas, catoche, anona, yabana, sinini, anón.

Guanabanan tree fruits

– French: corossolier

– Catalan: Guanabaner

– Portuguese: Graviola

– Italian: Guanàbana, Graviola, Guanabano, Corossole

– Euskara: Gunabano

– German: Stachelannone

– Dutch: zuurzak, guanábana

– Swedish: Taggannona

– Polish: Flaszowiec miękkociernisty, guanábana, graviola

  • Scientific name: Annona muricata L.

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1 April, 2021

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