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Common English name: Oak, English oak, French oak

Common names in other languages:

oak drawing
Oak drawing with an acorn and a leaf

Spanish: Roble, roble atlántico, roble inglés, roble carballo.

French: Chêne pédonculé

Catalan: Roure pènol.

Gallego: Carballo común

Portuguese: Carvalho-alvarinho, carvalho-vermelho,carvalho-roble.

Italian: Farnia

Euskara: Haritz kanduduna

German: Stieleiche.

Danish: Stilk-Eg

Dutch: zomereik

Polish: Dąb szypułkowy

Finnish: Metsätammi

  • Scientific name: Quercus robur L.

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15 June, 2021

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