African violet cultivation

How to grow common African violet

Characteristics of Saintpaula

common african violet


Flowers appear from January to  December. They can be  dark blue, dark rose, purple or white;  till 3,5 cm, with 5 unequal petals. Ovate leaves till 6 cm, velvety, reddish under, very hairy overside. Herbaceous plant coming from Tanzania, up to 15 cm.


Water it abundantly. A couple of times weekly along the whole year. Don’t wet the leaves. So, watering must be done by  placing the plant on a plate or by means of a watering-can. Maintain the atmosphere humid without wetting the leaves.

gardening pot

Indoor or terrace plant. Place it in a corner not directly in the sun. Very appropriate because it is in bloom most of the year.


It requires a very illuminated place, not directly in full sun, with a non inferior temperature to the 18 Cº and a high environmental humidity.


Propagate by means of leaf cuttings in spring, on substratum for cuttings or make it root on water where growth hormones have been added. It can also be reproduced from seeds, although this method is not so effective.


Use a permeable soil, not compact. Specific fertilizers for this plant exist.

Other species of ” Saintpaulia

Saintpaula confusa—————-…………..

Saintpaula magungensis ————–…………….

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25 March, 2021

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