Characteristics of potato virus X

What is the potato virus X ?

The potato virus X or PVX is a disease of the plants of viral character.

To which plants does the potato virus X affect?

It is a virus that infects Solanaceae such as potatoes, peppers and tomatoes or other wild herbs of the same family.

How does the potato virus X manifest itself?

potato virus X
Potatoes suffering from potato virus X

Sometimes it has no symptoms, except a minor development of the plants. However, in other cases, it is combined with the potato virus Y  to produce worse effects than the latter. Among the most characteristic symptoms are:

  • Speckled leaves.
  • Smaller florets
  • Little growth of the plant
  • Necrosis of the tubers

How is the potato virus X  transmitted from the potato?

The transmission takes place through insects that eat the tubers or through contact with contaminated hands or tools

How is the potato virus X  treated?

  • It has no treatment.
  • There are also no resistant varieties to this type of mosaic, so it is necessary to adopt an adequate prevention to prevent infection.

How to prevent viral diseases of plants?

  • Clean your  hands and disinfect your clothes and tools (Introduce them for half an hour in a 3% preparation of trisodium phosphate. You can also use soap and water
  • Dip your hands in milk while handling the seedlings for the microorganisms to  get stuck in it .
  • Eliminate infected plants as soon as possible.
  • Clean your hands before handling healthy plants.

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12 June, 2019

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