Characteristics of tobacco mosaic virus

What is the tobacco mosaic virus?

The tobacco mosaic virus or TMV  is a plant disease of viral character.

Although it does not destroy the plants it weakens them. Its presence is noted in the wrinkled, folded or elongated form of the leaves. Preventive measures are imposed to avoid contagion.

To which plants does the tobacco mosaic virus affect?

leaf detail
tobacco mosaic virus on a leaf

The tobacco mosaic virus can infect:

How is the tobacco mosaic virus manifested?

The most characteristic symptoms are:

  • Loss of color between the veins of the young leaves that later increase to form the typical speckling of mosaic viruses
  • Leaves may appear folded, wrinkled, elongated or with large brown patches. Especially in times of great heat and dryness
  • Brown spots on the skin of the fruits.
  • Brown spots on the pulp of the fruits ..
  • Lack of development of the plant.
  • Dark spots on the petioles of the leaves
  • Dark spots on the stems

How is the tobacco mosaic virus transmitted?

It is done by contact. Through the contact of the plant with contaminated tools, through the own hands of the workers, etc.

How is the tobacco mosaic virus treated?

  • It has no treatment.
  • There are also no resistant varieties to this type of mosaic
  • It is necessary to adopt an adequate prevention to prevent infection.

How to prevent viral diseases of plants?

  • Clean your  hands and disinfect your clothes and tools (Introduce them for half an hour in a 3% preparation of trisodium phosphate. You can also use soap and water
  • Dip your hands in milk while handling the seedlings for the microorganisms to  get stuck in it .
  • Eliminate infected plants as soon as possible.
  • Clean your hands before handling healthy plants.

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12 June, 2019

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