Medicinal properties of grapefruit

Curative effects of grapefruit seeds, leaves and fruits

Grapefruit seed extract, a natural antiseptic

Seed extracts are produced with grapefruit seeds which have suitable properties to prevent the growth of fungi, bacteria and viruses, as well as to remove other larger organisms in size, such as insects or parasites.

These properties, due to the presence of a component called diphenol hydroxybenzene, turn the seed extract of this plant into a “natural antiseptic” that can be used as a natural alternative to the “conventional disinfectants.”

It is used internally for respiratory and digestive diseases and externally to treat skin affections. (More information about grapefruit seed extract properties)


Internal use preparations with grapefruit

grapefruit tree Grapefruit tree with fruits

The most important properties of grapefruit include:

  • Very rich in vitamin C, so it has great antiscorbutic properties. The vitamin C content of grapefruit is slightly smaller than that of the orange, however, a daily dose approximately of ¾ of a glass can meet the daily requirements of this vitamin in an adult.
  • Grapefruit lowers cholesterol and helps prevent arteriosclerosis. Studies have shown that the ingestion of grapefruit fruit, when grapefruit pulp is not rejected, can lower cholesterol and, above all, balance the “good cholesterolHDL” versus “bad cholesterol LDL”.

It has also been shown that eating the whole fruit can help dissolve artery plaques, so it helps to prevent arteriosclerosis or can improve it, making it a good help in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

To obtain this benefits, you should eat grapefruit pulp and especially the white pulp of the bark. It is at these parts of the fruit where more pectin can be found. Pectin is very very rich in galacturonic acid, which appears to be ultimately responsible for these properties.

  • Grapefruit juice contains very little pectin and does not produce this effect. It was also found that the reddish varieties of grapefruit are those that lower cholesterol more effectively.
  • Grapefruit cleansing properties, They make this fruit an excellent remedy for rheumatism, gout and uremia. In general, these fruits, as in the rest of citrus, in addition to the sugars glucose and fructose, are rich in acids (citric acid, galacturonic acid, formic acid and malic acid). Either in free form or as salts, they acidify the body and help eliminate fat from the body, hence its diuretic and purifying power.

Related to these cleansing properties, the ingestion of grapefruit in a customary manner, as the ingestion of orange, lemon or other citrus fruits, can protect against the development of cancerous tumors, especially those of stomach and pancreas.

Comparative studies conducted in Japan or Sweden, have shown that the frequency of this type of cancer is much lower in populations that habitually eat citrus.

  • Grapefruit for diabetes: The type of sugar that this fruit contains makes it very suitable for diabetics.
  • Grapefruit to favour digestion: It has digestive properties, and it is a tonic for the liver.

Grapefruit juice for skin diseases

Used externally, grapefruit is a good astringent, suitable for healing skin conditions such as rashes, too oily skin, skin spots, acne, pimples, etc.. (Apply lemon juice on the skin)

Active ingredients of grapefruit

The main active components are:

The main active parts are:

Leaves, fruits and seeds.

Toxicity and contraindications of grapefruit

Grapefruit, like the rest of citrus contain reactive principles that, in contact with the light, can cause adverse reactions in the skin when exposed to extreme ultraviolet radiation.

External applications of essential oil from these fruits can trigger dermatitis on skin when in contact with an intense light, such as that that is given in the high mountains. There are even cases of lip rashes in people who sucked these fruits and exposed themselves to direct sun. There are others who have experienced this type of reaction in their fingers after peeling these fruits and did not clean them well before sun exposure.

The use of essential oils is also discouraged in pregnant or lactating women.

It has been found that grapefruit can interact with some medications so it is advisable to consult the doctor if a person is taking some medication and wants make an extensive use of this fruit.

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This article was endorsed by Elisenda Carballido - Dietitian nutritionist. Postgraduate in Phytotherapy and master in Nutrition and Metabolism.
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20 October, 2022

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