Lyly of the valley cultivation

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How to grow lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis)



April – May. It is characterized by its bell-shaped flowers that are born at the same side of the floriferous stem. Elliptic leaves – lanceolate, petiolated that are born from a reptant rhizome. Fruit in red berry. It is a vivacious plant of the Lily family reaching up to 25 cm.


Water it abundantly, especially during the bloom, always maintaining the soil humid, since it is a plant that must be placed under the trees, just as it appears in their natural habitat, and it is subjected to a strong hídric in competition with the trees.

gardening pot

For dry soils under the trees. A scented plant, with a very alive aroma, so that it is appropriate to plant it in interior gardens near the house.


In the shade or demisahade, in cold climates.


By means of division in autumn. Given its capacity to self-reproduce, it can become, when the conditions are favorable, invasive, reason why removing part of the rhizomes can be advisable.


Rich garden soil, well drained and loamy.

Another cultivars of “Convallaria

Convalaria majalis var. rosea——————— Rosy lyly of the valley

Convalaria majalis var. variegata——————— Variegated lily of th valley

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22 April, 2019

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