Golden rain cultivation

How to grow golden rain tree

Characteristics of Koelreuteria paniculata



June – July. Yellow flowers with 4 petals in long inflorescences. Fruits inflated, heart-shaped, papyraceous, formed by 3 pieces, remaining on the tree for a long time.. Deciduous tree, it can reach 15 m.


Water regularly, although it resists drought very well.

gardening pot

As a square or street tree for its thick shade and for its spring leaves that present different forms, as well as for its ornamental fruits.


Sun, very resistant to heat and drought and quite resistant to cold. It doesn’t support sea atmosphere.


By means of seeds in autumn or root cuttings in winter. It grows slowly.


Fertile, alkaline soil, better loose.

Another species of “Koelreuteria

  • Koelreuteria bipinnata —————- Pride of China, Chinese flame tree
  • Koelreuteria elegans——————- Flamegold tree

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21 January, 2020

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