Orach cultivation

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Orach  growing tips

What is orach like?

  • Annual plant of the Amaranthaceae family, up to 2 meters high.
  • Stem erect and branched, glabrous, fast growing.
  • Leaves are triangular, with sinuous or serrated edges, supported by a petiole that becomes shorter and shorter in the upper leaves.
  •  Axillary panicles composed of numerous tiny flowers. It is a monoecious plant and has male and female flowers. It blooms in summer, from July to August.
  • The fruit is a rounded achene, 2-4mm. and reddish color.

Orach required climate and soil

  • Plant of temperate climates. Average temperature 15 – 18ºC.
  • Grows in full sun and does not tolerate shade.
  • Resistant to frost and drought.
  • Type of soil: from light or sandy to clayey, fresh, well drained.
  • Edaphic reaction of neutral or slightly basic pH: from 7.6 to 8.5. They can be found in very alkaline soils.
  • Tolerates salinity

Orach reproduction and maintenance

  • Orach plant reproduces by seeds.
  • Broadcast sowing in orchard, between March and June. The seeds germinate at 8 – 15 days.
  • The first weeding should be made in spring, when the young and tender plants are harvested as the first vegetable of the year.
  • Procure a distance between plants of at least 25 cm.
  • Irrigation periodically the first weeks, especially in dry climates.

Orach harvesting

  • It is a fast growing plant and its harvest can be done 1 – 2 months after sowing.
  • An adult plant can produce about 400g. of vegetables.
  • When harvesting, a seed plant is usually left in the orchard, which will produce a large amount of seeds and reproduce practically alone due to its scarce environmental requirements. This is one of the reasons why orach is a common weed in the uncultivated lands and orchards.

Orach diseases and pests

  • This plant does not present major problems of pests and diseases.
  • Because of its rapid cultivation, this plant generally does not require pest control.

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14 May, 2019

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