Permissive vegetarians


Traditional Vegetarians

For nearly 200 years, the word vegetarian has had a specific meaning that designates and describes a number of attributes in a lifestyle and a diet of what we might call traditional vegetarianism.

Currently, this word means a lot of “options” that do not match, or comply with the original definition.

That is, you are going to be considered vegetarian when you abstain completely from eating any animal, whether or not you consume dairy and / or eggs.

Therefore, if we limit ourselves to the traditional definition of vegetarian, traditional vegetarians do not accept the new vegetarians

Within traditional vegetarians, we find some that are more permissive than others:

Ovo-lacto vegetarians or lacto ovo vegetarians.

They so called ovo-lacto vegetarians or lacto ovo vegetarians do not eat any animal foods, but they eat foods that come from them.

They do not want to kill animals and, therefore, they do not eat meat or fish, but they consume products they get from them (without infringing them any harm), such as eggs, milk and its derivatives.

This group of vegetarians have no problem in using products made from animals, such as silk or leather produced from the skin of cows, among many others. This is the most common and widespread group of vegetarianism.

Since the nineteenth century, there are some vegetarian reformers called “The Seventh-day Adventists”. They are ovo-lacto vegetarians, but unlike the above they promote religion and health, but not ethics.

There are also two variants of ovo-lacto vegetarians, which consume only one of the two preceding groups and thus eliminate one of the two food sources of animal origin as described above. They avoid eggs or all egg products, or milk or dairy products.


Cheeses are derived from milk, that many kinds of vegetarians can eat nowadays

Depending on the food group removed, they are classified as:

Lacto vegetarians:

Lacto vegetarians are those who do not consume eggs or any egg product, but instead, they consume milk and dairy products (butter, yogurt, cream, cheese, etc.)

They believe that the egg is a potential future animal and, for that reason, they eliminate it, considering the milk as only a single food.


Eggs are part of the staple diet of many vegetarians

Ovo vegetarians

The so-called ovo vegetarians eat eggs, but they do not eat milk of dairy products. Usually this option of vegetarianism is conditioned by allergy, intolerance, or poor digestion to dairy products, among other possible reasons.

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13 May, 2021

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