How to preserve seitan

Seitan storing


Seitan should be kept cool

Depending on how we get the seitan, it will have a longer or shorter duration. In any case, refrigeration is required for its proper conservation, keeping it at temperatures no higher than 5-6 ° C.

Seitan to the void

In case the product is vacuum packed, its expiration will be implicit in the food packaging. Even vacuum packaging, its expiration date is usually no more than 2 months after purchase. Obviously, after its opening, its consumption should be done in a much shorter period, not exceeding the week.

Seitan made at home

In the case where the product has been handcrafted, its period of consumption will be the same as once opened in a vacuum package, where it can be kept in a sealed container and with the liquid in which it is stored. Boiled previously, to avoid dehydration.

How to freeze seitan?

Seitan also tolerates its freezing and therefore, by means of freezing it, we will extend its conservation for some months.

As with this system of preservation in almost all foods, it is necessary to remove the liquid before freezing. Seitan must be properly insulated from the direct freezing of the freezer, avoiding thus its premature deterioration.

It is recommended for this process to be performed with individual packages, in pieces or slices. By freezing it in small portions, we will avoid changes in temperature of the remaining product that is not desired to be consumed. What is not going to be consumed is essential to keep it frozen to consume it later in a good state.

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22 April, 2019

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