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What is vegetable meat?

Vegetable meats are vegetable-type preparations that mimic the texture of the meat. The purpose of vegetable meats is to replace meat of animal origin.

What is vegetable meat made of?

Vegetable meat is made from plant foods that are high in protein. Legumes are generally used, although other food groups such as cereals or vegetables may also be used.

The important thing about vegetable meat is to remember the texture of the meat, that is to say, when chewing it, it seems to us that we are eating meat. To this end, the food tradition and the new food industries of vegetable meats have carried out important discoveries in the texturisation of the vegetable products used.


Seitan made with legumes and cereals (as stated in the packaging: from wheat protein, red beans and sprouted lentils)

What is the most important thing in vegetable meat?

In addition to its meat-like appearance, the most important aspect of vegetable meat is that it constitutes a true substitute for animal flesh protein, that is, it must contain all the amino acids that the body needs.

Since the food groups rich in proteins, legumes and cereals, do not cover separately all amino acids of proteins, in vegetable meat are often combined vegetables and cereals, to get a final product that can provide all the amino acids required.

If only one of the two food groups is used, when preparing dishes with vegetable meat, made from legumes or from cereals, it is important to combine this meat with food from the group not included in the meat.

Another important aspect of vegetable meat is that it can be cooked in a manner similar to meat, that is to say, it can be fried, roasted, boiled or baked.

Why are vegetable meats used?

Vegetable meat is used by vegetarians who do not want to eat animal foods. Most of these vegetable preparations respond to a long tradition of preferentially vegetarian cultures where the slaughter of animals and the ingestion of their meat has not been admitted or considered unlawful.

The use of vegetable meat in cultures such as Japanese or Chinese is very common. The adoption of a new approach to food by many people in the Western world in recent years has led to an increase in vegetable meat in more developed countries.

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12 May, 2021

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