Importance of eating soy during menopause

Soy as a remedy for menopause

Soy for menopause

Soy is one of the great medicine foods that can be very interesting in menopause.

What is special about soy is that it provides many good quality proteins, with hardly any fat, and with an enormous amount of minerals, vitamins and fiber.

In addition, it contains isoflavones, components capable of supplanting the estrogen deficit of menopause and help reduce some of its symptoms such as hot flushes, which is the most frequent (80% of Western women).

In Japan, the percentage of women with hot flushes in menopause is less than 20%, it is believed that by the daily consumption of soy.

How to eat soy for menopause?

For soy to have more effect, it is preferable to introduce its consumption in a habitual and better way in the form of tofu and above all to consume fermented derivatives such as tempeh (the food richest in isoflavones). In contrast, soy isoflavone supplements for menopause are not recommended.

Eat soy for menopause

Soy and derivatives can be suitable foods for menopause. Although supplements with soy isoflavones are not recommended, it does seem a good option to introduce soy foods in the diet against hot flushes. The most interesting derivatives are tofu (food rich in calcium) and tempeh (isoflavones of high bioavailability).

Which type of soy to avoid?

You must avoid soy derivatives with a high content of sugars, fats, salt or other added additives, such as muffins with soy, soy yogurts with added sugars, soy burgers with a lot of salt, soy drink, etc.

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This article was endorsed by Elisenda Carballido - Dietitian nutritionist. Postgraduate in Phytotherapy and master in Nutrition and Metabolism.
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9 June, 2021

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