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Plants dossier

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Medicinal plants

Fennel properties

It favors digestion, reduces stomachache or abdominal pain, contributes to expel flatulence and aerophagia and whets your appetite...

Juniper toxicity

The essential oil is highly toxic when ingested in higher doses than allowed. Strong irritant to the intestines and kidneys...

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Natural medicine

Remedies for pollen allergy

anti-inflammatory and antihistaminic properties that help to avoid adverse reactions....

Plants that produce allergies

Some plants can produce adverse reactions when in contact with our skin, no matter what season is.

Liver congested symptoms

Given the enormous task performed by the liver, it is possible that when it becomes congested, some functions may be affected, leading to health problems.

Plants to detoxify the liver

Preparations with hepatobiliary plants are mainly used as aids in the treatment of liver congestion and liver cleansing diets.

Food properties

Natural food properties

There is a popular belief that states that the more natural a food, the more tastier it can be. Is this thought a food myth or has it any scientific basis?

Diet for Helycobacter pylory

Diet for Helicobacter is complementary to medical treatment. It consists of an adequate diet with easily digestible food to avoid stomach pain, and thus reduce inflammation and gastric distress

Properties of amaranth

Amaranth is a especially important pseudocereal in a vegetarian diet to complete protein intake of cereals and legumes, and for the diet for people with allergies to gluten. Since it does not contain gluten, it is well digested for these people.

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Vegetarian recipes

Strawberries with rice and yogurt

With all the vitamins of strawberries, carbohydrates of rice, and calcium of yogur

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Carrots cultivation

Carrots are a nutrient-demanding crop, so that, after its cultivation, it is recommended crop rotation. Carrot planting should NOT be repeated in the same soil sooner than 3-4 years after planting because they exhaust the soil.

Contest: Flower of the month

Do you know which flower is it?

It is a plant that grows under the trees of the forest, where there is moisture. It can live performing photosynthesis or at the expense of fungi and parasitic plant.

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