Magazine No. 54 of Botanical-online

Issue about curative herbs

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Medicinal plants

Medicinal properties of holly

For their diuretic properties, the leaves are used to eliminate spare liquid of the organism in illnesses like rheumatism, gout or dropsy...

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Curative diets

Helicobacter pylory diet

Diet for Helicobacter is complementary to medical treatment. It consists of an adequate diet with easily digestible food to avoid stomach pain, and thus reduce inflammation and gastric distress.

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Natural medicine

Herbal remedies to boost urination

Diuretics remedies are used in those bodily abnormalities where to increase urination may be appropriate to decrease your symptoms or help solve the problem.

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Natural food

Nutritional properties of grapes

It is necessary to consider the grape an alkalizer, reason why it purifies the blood. Its consumption can inhibit the growth of cancerous cells.

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Vegetarian recipes

How to make a Christmas tree with fruits

This is an original presentation of a Christmas fruit tree to put on the Christmas table. During the holidays, it is important not to forget the consumption of natural sweets like those in fruits.

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Contest: Flower of the month

Do you know which flower is it?

Great size tree, growing in warm climates. The flowers appear in clusters and their pollination is produced by bees and bats

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