Bad food for anemia

Food that people with anemia should not eat


What foods or drinks are harmful to anemia?

There are certain foods that are not advisable for anemia because they interfere in the absorption of iron, unlike other foods, such as guava, which favor the absorption of iron for its richness in vitamin C.

Avoid drinking milk with iron-rich foods

Milk and its derivatives block the absorption of vegetable iron (non-hematic iron), although they do not block iron from animal-derived foods (hematic iron).

It is better to drink milk outside of meals.

Is tea and coffee good for anemia? Caffeine and tannins

Although tea, especially green tea, is one of the most antioxidant drinks available, the presence of tannins means that some precaution must be taken.

Photo of coffee with milk

Photo of coffee with milk

Tannins are substances that block the absorption of this mineral.

Therefore, to assimilate this mineral well, you should not mix tea with iron-rich foods.

Plants rich in tannins non suitable for anemia

Other plants not suitable for their content in tannins are, for example: coffee, thyme, bearberry, sage, mastic, salicaria, dog rose, or some very rough fruits, such as persimmon, acerola, or carob.

Should we avoid drinking coffee with anemia?

To prevent anemia, all these foods should not be banned from the diet, but simply not to combine tannin-rich foods with iron supplements or with iron-rich foods in the same food.

If low iron levels are present, avoid the consumption of these infusions with iron supplements and during meals .It is best to let an hour pass after eating before drinking preparations with these plant foods.

Is fiber good for anemia?

With regard to whole grains, some nutritionists believe that these foods, although they are rich in iron, contain fibers and phytates, which inhibit the absorption of iron. Although they can inhibit some iron, they contribute a lot of folic acid and vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) so, you should not stop eating them.

It is recommended to take whole foods in moderate doses and accompany them with foods with a lot of iron, vitamin B12 and vitamin C, without forgetting that there are some very nutritious whole grains, called legumes.

It is recommended to eat legumes at least 3 times a week.

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30 August, 2021

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