Coffee and tea for anemia

Are coffee and tea good or bad in case of anemia?


Tea and coffee are not suitable for anemia

Green tea infusion

Green tea infusion is rich in tannins

Some drinks and foods are not suitable for people with anemia because they prevent or limit the absorption of iron from food.

Tea and coffee are two examples of these drinks.

This is because tea and coffee contain many tannins, a type of component that combines with iron and prevents its absorption.

People with anemia should not drink tea or coffee along with iron supplements.

Decaffeinated coffee and detined tea or tea low in caffeine (white tea, etc.) also contain tannins, so they are not suitable either.

What is good to drink with anemia?

Natural fruit juices are the most appropriate type of beverage for anemia. Fruit juices, especially orange juice, contain vitamin C. This vitamin increases the absorption of nutrients.

It is recommended not to drink milk along with iron supplements because it also limits the absorption of iron.

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25 June, 2021

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