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Orange juice benefits


What are the benefits of orange juice?

Orange juice has similar properties to oranges, although, having most concentrated components, it may have a more therapeutic than oranges.

You should also consider that the pulp of the orange, the remaining residue to produce the juice is rich in fiber and contains many flavonoids.

For this reason, in certain cases it may be appropriate to add the pulp of orange juice after squeezing, especially in case of diabetes, obesity, constipation or cholesterol.

Orange juice medicinal properties

Orange juice

Orange juice. On the right, a plate with the leftover pulp after processing the juice is shown. This is very rich in fiber and flavonoids. It is advisable to add the pulp to this juice in order to increase its curative propertie

Its main properties are suitable for the following diseases:

    • Digestive system: It has been found that orange juice has beneficial properties for the stomach, being able to regulate its functions, which can avoid many anomalies such as:
      • Gastritis and gastric ulcers: Orange juice, taken as exclusive food between meals can relieve excess gastric acidity and helps the healing of ulcers, because of its content in beta carotene and vitamin C
      • Liver: Orange juice, taken as exclusive food between meals can help with liver problems, avoiding indigestion, bloating, fermentations.
      • Biliary insufficiency: This juice will help produce more bile, making it useful in cases of biliary failure.
      • Diarrhea and constipation: When diarrhea or constipation occurs, orange juice exerts a regulating bowel function stabilizing functions. In case of constipation, it is advisable to follow a diet rich in fiber and take the juice with pulp.
      • Indigestion: It can also help overcome problems of poor digestion, being able to remove those residues that are responsible for intestinal discomfort. (Drink orange juice diluted 50% in water)
  • Urinary system: Orange juice has alkalizing properties. This is an aid in purifying blood, since it dissolvez the acids and prevents them from settling in the kidneys and produce kidney stones.
  • Metabolism: Uric acid is responsible for the formation of kidney stones. In addition, the alkalizing effect of orange will have a positive result for metabolism. Ingestion of this juice will help people with:
    • Gout or arthritis: This component is deposited in the joints of people with gout or arthritis, causing great pain. Orange juice, for its alkaline action, help lower uric acid and improve the conditions of these patients.
    • Diabetes: Orange juice is recommended for people with diabetes. It contains lots of vitamin C and flavonoids that improve circulation. Take into account that orange juice contains natural sugar from the fruit, so it is recommended to take it with pulp.
    • Orange juice is a diuretic, so it will help regulate the level of blood sugar. For its wealth of vitamin C, orange juice helps diabetes patients to reduce the consequences this disease causes in the body. (Vision problems, infections, healing problems, diabetic foot, etc.)

Orange juice for flu

flu patient

Orange juice helps us to recover from the flu and colds.

Recovery from illness: Orange juice, as a result of its vitamin C, helps us recover faster from illnesses. Although it does not prevent the flu, it speeds healing and reduces its symptoms.

Some studies have shown that orange extract increases the production of interferons, substances made by the body to protect us against viruses, such as those that produce the flu.

It also improves the condition of patients with respiratory ailments, especially those suffering from allergies, whom it helps reduce the attacks to. In case of bronchitis, orange juice helps breathe better and reduce cough.

Orange juice to delay aging

Anti-aging treatment: Vitamin C and flavonoids in orange juice, Because of the antioxidant properties, will be positive in the treatment of the harmful effects of free radicals in the aging body.

Drinking plenty of orange juice will help delay many deficiencies that are afflicting the body over the years. Among all them, we could mention the following:

  • Arteriosclerosis: The role of orange juice in improving blood circulation has been highly praised. For its antiplatelet and antioxidant properties, orange juice can help improve circulation, prevent the formation of thrombi in arteries and, therefore, prevent arteriosclerosis.
  • Hypertension: Improving blood circulation leads to a reduction of high blood pressure or hypertension.
  • Deafness: It has been found that vitamin C helps prevent hearing loss.
  • Loss of vision: Ingestion of this vitamin prevents the degeneration of the eye and the appearance of eye diseases such as cataracts or loss of vision.
  • Cancer: The Importance of Vitamin C as an antioxidant capable of reducing the incidence of cancer has been demonstrated in numerous experiments. It has been found that, in certain communities where eating oranges or drinking orange juice is very common, the proportion of cancers is much lower.

Contraindications and toxicity of orange juice

Despite its obvious health benefits, orange juice or oranges can cause allergic reactions with skin manifestations in some people. It was also found that oranges or orange juice can cause migraine in people sensitive to them.

The intake of these foods in large quantities can cause intestinal problems, with the appearance of heartburn, flatulence, diarrhea, etc. so it is best to ingest them with caution to wait for the individual reactions.

People with irritable bowel syndrome may have food intolerance and suffer outbreaks when fasting oranges or orange juice intake is done, due to the stimulating effect that the discharge of bile produces when eating this fruit. In these cases a proper diet is recommended.

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This article was endorsed by Elisenda Carballido - Dietitian nutritionist. Postgraduate in Phytotherapy and master in Nutrition and Metabolism.
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29 January, 2021

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