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Medicinal plants

Supplements for our defenses

Vitamins, minerals and other plant supplements that, according with your doctor, can help to boost your immune system..

Natural treatment for urinary incontinence

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Curative diets

Hypotyroidism diet

What food is it convenient to eat or which one you should avoid in case your thyroid gland does not work well...

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Natural remedies

Digestive plants

Useful medicinal plant preparations that help you digest better...

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Natural food

Nutritional properties of melon

It protects our skin and helps us to keep it healthy, because it contains vitamin A. Very interesting toprotect us from colds and helps heal wounds, since it possess a lot of vitamin C...

Mustard contraindications

Plant cultivation

Mulberry cultivation

It is preferable to place it in a sunny location. It tolerates much the wind, to the point that sometimes it is used as windbreaker.

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Contest: Flower of the month

Do you know which flower is it?

The flowers of this plant native to Mexico, widely used in gardening, are reminiscent of ..., which gives rise to its vulgar name.

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