What proteins to take for breakfast

Best proteins to choose for breakfast

Recommended protein food for breakfast

It is not necessary for breakfast to contain many proteins, it is sufficient that in the main meals a good portion is consumed.

The most important thing for breakfast is that the organism has energy to work, study or grow, and in that sense, oatmeal porridge provides a lot of energy. A more complete option would be the muesli, which is also prepared with oats, plus nuts, which would complete their protein intake.

Other contributions of breakfast proteins could be some vegetable pate like hummus, or a bit of cheese, a portion of nuts (better with previous soaking all night) or egg.

Milk, yogurt and cheese for breakfast

Milk, and especially yogurt and cheese, can be good breakfast options. As it is known, they are very nutritious foods by providing a large amount of proteins, calcium and B-complex vitamins (including B12).

dairy: cheese, yogurt,milk

Photo of dairy products: cheese, yogurt, milk. They can be breakfast components

People who, for various reasons, do not want to take dairy products, can substitute this group of foods for other sources of calcium (such as calcium-enriched vegetable drinks, or with a handful of almonds, for example) and for the consumption of rich foods. in proteins (like egg and / or nuts).

  • In any case, sugary options are not recommended, such as flavored yogurts (both soy and milk, because they contain a lot of sugar), chocolate milk, and so on.

Is it advisable to eat skimmed dairy products?

To improve the energy balance of the diet, many professionals recommend taking skimmed milk, although studies have shown that people who take skimmed milk have no better weight control than those who take whole milk.

It seems that the explanation is that whole milk products are more satiating and compensate for their extra calories with a lower intake of other foods, due to the satiating effect of fat. In addition, whole milk has a higher nutritional value than skimmed milk because it contains fat-soluble vitamins.

Therefore, in recent years there is not so much emphasis on consuming skimmed milk products, but rather whole or semi-skimmed dairy products (with a little less fat) are recommended. It depends on the amount of these foods that are consumed and the professional criteria.

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27 June, 2021

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