How to subscribe to Botanical-online

Tutorial to help you to sign up to the monthly free magazine of medicinal plants and foods

Free monthly magazine of botany, gardening, food and remedies

The following tutorial explains how to subscribe to the Botanical-online Plant Magazine. It is a free magazine that is delivered  once a month and can always be consulted online.

To receive the magazine in your email, follow the steps below:

1) Go to the following link

2) When you have clicked on the previous link, you will see that a new page opens. At the bottom, under the heading “I want to subscribe!” a box appears in which you must enter your email  and then click on the “subscribe” option, as it appears in the following image:

3) Once you click on subscribe, a dialog box opens in which you must follow the following steps:

4) Once you have clicked on the box, the following window opens indicating you have to check your mail to confirm the subscription:


6) Open the message from your mail box  and confirm that you want to subscribe by clicking in the following  link inside the message:

7) By clicking on the link of your email, a new window will open indicating that you are definitely subscribed. When a new magazine is published, you will receive a notification in your mail.

When will I receive the magazine?

The magazine will be sent between the first and the second week of each month.

* Subscribe to the magazine

* Magazine this month

* See previous journals

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