Baths with medicinal plants

How the different types of home remedies with plants are prepared

How to prepare baths with medicinal plants

Photo of a vial of essential oil. A few drops are usually added to the bath water, for different purposes.

In general, the function of baths is to use the water to carry out partial or total immersion of our body in a medium where the active principles of medicinal plants have been diluted. It is one of the remedies practiced by hydrotherapy practices.

Normally, the preparations added are usually the liquids resulting from an infusion or a few drops of essential oil. The main modalities of baths are the following:

Total baths with medicinal plants or essential oils of plants

A total bath is a method of applying the active principles of medicinal plants by using the water in the bathtub to incorporate these principles.

You can use infusions made with a couple of tablespoons per half liter of water and pour them into the bath water. Instead of an infusion, 7 or 8 drops of essential oil can be added.

They are mainly used to relax the body or relieve pain. They can be performed with hot water, to relax, or cold, if we want to activate circulation.

Sitz baths with medicinal plants

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An eye bath, eye wash or eye drops is a procedure consisting of applying a preparation on the eyes so that the active principles of the plants act on them.

It is performed mainly by lowered infusions or with drops of tincture diluted in water. For this purpose, a special device is used, called an eyewash, which is filled with the infusion or with water to which a couple of drops of tincture have been added.

The application is held over the eye as it blinks. It is convenient that the water is not hot, although it does have to be boiled previously. It is a method that should not last more than 15-20 days in a row.

Foot bath

A foot bath is a method of applying the active principles of medicinal plants consisting of using water from a basin into which the contents of an infusion or decoction have been poured to incorporate these principles.

To make them, an infusion of the medicinal plant is prepared in water in a proportion of 6 parts of water for one part of the plant for 5 minutes in the case of infusions and about 20 in the case of decoctions.

Let it rest for a quarter of an hour and, when it is cold, keep it in a cool place. In the morning and fasting, pour the content into a basin and keep the inside for 8 to 10 minutes.

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