Henbane toxicity

Hyoscyamus niger poisonous

Scientific noun: Hyoscyamus niger L.

Common noun: Henbane

Family:Nightshade family – Solanaceae.

Habitat: In waste lands and among rubbish.

Components of henbane

Alkaloids: The leaves are those with a higher concentration of these principles, followed by the roots and, thirdly, seeds. Among the main alkaloids, there are the following:

– Hyoscyamine (leaves and roots)

– Hyoscine

– Scopolamine (seeds)

– Atropine (leaves and roots)

– Scopoline (leaves)

– Tropine (leaves)

Flavonoids: routine,

Fatty acids: oleic, palmitic, myristic, stearic (seeds)

Minerals: calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium, zinc (seeds)

Protein: in seeds

Mucilage (plant)

A drawing of the plant

A drawing of the plant

Medicinal properties of henbane

Home remedies with henbane: Henbane has been used for the following medicinal remedies

– Parkinson

– Trembling,

– Urinary incontinence


– Diabetes

– Dizziness

– Heartburn

– Toothache

– Joint pain

– Asthma.


Henbane remedies: tincture of henbane is commonly used  for treating abnormalities including:

– Cough


– Diarrhea

– Epilepsy

– Etc

Given the toxicity of this plant, one should not take home preparations with henbane

Magical uses of henbane

Henbane has for centuries been part of the ingredients for potions. Witches usually used it during the Middle Ages to make liquid with which lovers should captivate their loved ones.

In this sense, henbane was considered a magical plant, along with other so known as mandrake, thorn apple or belladonna.

Toxicity of henbane

Henbane has a medium toxicity. The greatest danger is the ingestion of seeds. (20 or 30 cause the death of a child. 100 or 150 of an adult)

Effects of henbane

Ingestion of products made from henbane have a number of side effects. The most characteristic are:

– Headache

– Drunkenness. When applied in high doses, it has a narcotic effect. This property which has been used primarily for the treatment of pain. One of the most characteristic folk remedies was to introduce a piece of crushed plant in a decayed tooth to decrease pain.

– Retention of urine

– Spasms of the muscles of the jaw

– Sleepiness.

Medical treatment: Washed stomach, heart stimulants and emetics.

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6 April, 2020

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