Birch tree sap properties

Benefits of birch tree sap

How to obtain birch tree sap

Making an incision in the branches or trunks of birch one gets the “birch sap”.

This sap must be obtained at the end of winter, during the month of March before the leaves appear. It has been shown that well-established specimens can be drawn up to 7 liters in a single day, although it is common to get 4.

Then the wound should be coated with a scar paste so that the tree will not get sick. It is recommended to change the tree each time, so as not to undermine each tree health.

Properties of birch tree sap

birch tree sapBirch sap, very rich in sugars, is used fresh with therapeutic properties as one of the best resources as a tonic, to treat kidney stones or jaundice and to dissolve the sand in the kidney (For more information on this subject in the Under “Properties of birch ” in the listing below)

With birch sap is produced by fermenting the “birch beer” or wine from birch, a widely used alcoholic beverage in Northern Europe.

For these areas, this drink is considered as one of the best remedies to reduce fever and as one of the best diuretics, especially useful for rheumatic manifestations such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, etc. (For more information on how to prepare this drink in the “Birch beer” in the listing below)

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18 June, 2021

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