Cats claw side effects


What are the possible side effects of cat’s claw?

  • Dermatitis by contact with the plant.
  • Digestive symptoms: Some people have suffered from heartburn when taking preparations with a cat’s claw. One author reports that the plant may be contraindicated in cases of digestive ulcers.
  • Autoimmune disorders: In people with autoimmune diseases, cat’s claw can cause serious side effects. It has been reported that a woman with lupus suffered from kidney failure due to the intake of cat’s claw products. Cat’s claw is contraindicated for patients with autoimmune diseases.

* More information on the contraindications of cat’s claw.

Is cat’s claw adequate for pregnancy and lactation?

The safety of the plant has not been tested in pregnant women or during lactation. The components of the plant suggest that it is not adequate and that it should not be taken.

Cat’s claw alkaloids can cross the placenta and mammary barrier reaching the fetus or baby. The phytoestrogens it contains may have abortifacient effects. Cat’s claw is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation. Consult your doctor before taking this plant.

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7 March, 2022

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