Greater celandine cream for corns


Greater celandine (Chelidonium majus) is a plant from Papaveraceae family. This is a family whose members usually contain much latex, that can be found in the juice of the plant.

The latex of the plant is a caustic substance, used to sear warts and soften calluses.

The sap or juice of celandine, which is characteristically yellow or orange, specially contains chelidonic and nicotinic acids, which prevent the development of skin tissue (warts or calluses) and have antiseptic effects of the skin.

Indeed, celandine prevents growth of calli and latex burns thickened tissue to soften the skin. This plant is a traditional remedy for corns.

We propose the following remedy for foot corns:


Components of a remedy for corns

How to prepare a remedy for corns


Greater celandine leaves

  • With the protection of gloves, chop or crush fine celandine.
  • Prepare a decoction with celandine. Remove from heat and stand for 2 hours. Avoid vapor to contact your eyes.
  • Cook the greater celandine again over low heat for 30 minutes. Strain and reheat over low heat until the juice is reduced by half (1 ½ cups or so).
  • Add the glycerin and continue simmering until it becomes a thick texture and water almost evaporates..
  • Pour it into a glass bowl and let it cool.
  • Apply to corns twice daily.

We recommend a foot bath with hot water (footbath) before the application of the cream.

Do not apply to wounds, cracked or irritated areas.

Very important: read the contraindications and side effects of celandine in the listing below.

punto rojo More information on greater celandine.

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7 November, 2021

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