Corns medicinal plants

What are corns?

Corns are hard thickenings of the skin on the toes, hands, etc.

Symptoms of corns

The main symptoms of corns are thickening of the skin. In feet horns, pain in the affected area.

Causes of horns

The main causes of corns are:

– Shoes too tight.

– Rubbing a body part.

Phytotherapy: Herbal remedies for calluses

External use preparations to get rid of corns

Important note: These are very aggressive treatments by the abrasive nature of the components used. It is important to apply the treatments only on the affected area, protecting the rest of the healthy skin. Once the treatment applied, it should be covered with gauze and plaster preventing its contents to reach the healthy parts surrounding the affected area.

These treatments should not be used with children or sensitive skinned people to those they can easily produce skin ulcerations.

Garlic (Allium sativum) (Cataplasm of garlic clove on the affected area) See contraindications and method of use in the comprehensive study of the plant.



Fig tree (Ficus carica) (Apply the milky white juice of the leaves to the corn)

Sundew (Drosera spp.) (Apply the fresh plant on the skin).

Italian Lords and Ladies: (Arum italicum) (Apply a poultice with the fresh tuber)

Celandine (Chelidonium majus) (Apply the celandine cream on the corn)

Stonecrops: (Sedum telephium) (Sedum acre) (Poultice of one of this crashed plants applied to the callus)

Pineapple (Ananas comosum) The ability of bromelain from pineapple to dissolve proteins can be externally used for removing corns. This should done by means of applying a piece of pineapple peel on the callus so that the tender part of the pineapple peel gets into contact with the callus, without affecting the rest if healthy skin. Keep it there during the night. Remove it in the morning and wash with hot water. Apply this treatment several times for difficult corns. The same treatment can be done with the flesh of the papaya. (Carica papaya).

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