Medicinal plants for skin cracks

Herbal treatment of skin cracks

Characteristics of skin cracks

Skin cracks are channels in the skin that appear especially in the anus, lips, hands or in the breast.

Symptoms of skin cracks

Appearance of cracks. Sometimes, pain.

Causes of skin cracks

  • Breastfeeding (cracks in the nipples)
  • Cold (cracks in the hands or the lips)

Phytotherapy. Plants for the cracks in the skin

Yarrow plants

Yarrow plants

  • Yarrow: (Achillea millefolium L.) (Apply the fresh juice of the plant on the cracks)
  • Fenugreek: (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) (Decoction of a good handful of seeds in half a liter of water, until we have the right liquid concentrate. Apply to the affected area.)
  • Butterwort: (Pinguicula grandiflora) (Apply the juice squeezed from the plant over the cracks)
  • Hibiscus: (Hibiscus sp.) (infusion with a tablespoon of dried leaves and flowers per cup of water. Apply a compress over the affected area.)
  • Oak : (Quercus robur) (Decoction of the leaves or bark. Apply to the affected area)

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25 March, 2022

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