Vitamins and minerals for hepatitis

Vitamins, minerals and other supplements for hepatitis

Besides an adequate diet, proper use of medicinal plants or absolute rest, a number of supplements containing vitamins, minerals or other components extracted from medicinal plants, can assist you in curing hepatitis.

We advice you asking your doctor about the convenience of including these resources in your treatment.

Among the main useful aids to cure hepatitis we can mention the following:

Vitamins for hepatitis

  • Vitamin C for hepatitis: For its antioxidant properties, vitamin C helps the liver remove toxins from the body. The doses are established on about 3,000 milligrams daily, divided into 3 doses. (You should stop treatment in case of headache, diarrhea, or trouble sleeping
  • Vitamin E for hepatitis: It is, as the previous vitamin, a potent antioxidant. The dose is 400 IU daily. (Supplements of vitamin E are not recommended for patients who have bleeding problems, such as hemophiliacs or those with bleeding peptic ulcers. We must be cautious in the administration of this vitamin in patients taking blood thinning drugs like heparin and warfarin because it can liquefy blood too much, which would make them bleed too easily. Likewise, patients about to undergo an operation should abandon the ingestion of these supplements one month before surgery. Pregnant or nursing women should not exceed the RDA – 22,5 UI)
  • Vitamin A for hepatitis: Vitamin A is a potent antioxidant. Vitamin A supplements can provide this vitamin to patients who have trouble converting beta carotene into vitamin. The usual dose is between 11,000 and 20,000 IU daily.

(Do not exceed the allowed doses since it can be toxic. The most characteristic symptoms of excess of vitamin A include: insomnia, weakness, fatigue, poor muscle strength, weight loss, pain, indeterminate, gastrointestinal problems, heart problems, depression, irritability, etc.

Doses of 10,000 IU daily in pregnant women may cause fetal malformations. A 25,000 IU dose sustained for 6 months can produce cirrhosis. Pregnant women dosages of this supplement should not exceed the daily needs and always under medical supervision.

  • L-cysteine and L-methionine: They help the liver remove toxins. (1000 mg daily divided in 2 doses)

Supplements for hepatitis

seeds compositaeHerbal supplements can be very interesting to treat inflamed liver. Supplements can improve liver damage or diminish liver inflammation. The most interesting supplements for liver cure are:

  • Dandelion root supplements: They protect the liver and increase the urine discharge, so they are very suitable to eliminate toxins. (1000 mg daily divided into two doses) (Look for toxicity of contraindications in the general study of this plant)
  • Primrose oil for hepatitis: This oil contains unsaturated fatty acids which can lower the liver inflammation. (Take it according to the terms of the patient information leaflet) (Look for toxicity of contraindications in the general study of this plant)
  • Alpha lipoic acid supplement: The use of lipoic acid improves the conditions of the diseased liver by helping it to convert glucose into energy and stabilize sugar levels.

Because of its detoxifying property, it is very useful to prevent the negative effects of ingesting toxic products that can damage the liver, so, it is used in diseases such as cirrhosis or hepatitis. (200 mg daily divided in 2 doses together with 1000 mg daily of vitamin C and 400 IU daily of vitamin E) (You should consult your doctor in case you are suffering from diabetes before taking this supplement) (In case of stomach ache or allergic skin rash, stop the treatment or diminish the dose)

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25 March, 2022

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