Mustard greens in other languages

How to say mustard greens in other languages?

Mustard greens in Spanish, French, German, Italian…

Common English name: Mustard greens, brown mustard, Indian mustard, Chinese mustard, leaf mustard, Kai Choi

Common name in other languages:

brassica juncea
Mustard greens (Brassica juncea)

– Spanish / Castellano: Mostaza india, mostaza de la India, mostaza china, mostaza de hoja, mostaza junciforme, mostaza marrón.

– French / Français:: Moutarde brune, moutarde chinoise.

– Catalan / Català: Mostassa bruna

– Basque /Euskara: ziape, urdunputxa

– Portuguese / Português: mostarda castanha, mostarda marrom, mostarda orienta, mostada chinesa, mostarda da índia.

– Italian / Italiano: Senape indiana

– Romanian / Română: Indian mustard

– Turkish / Türkçe: hint hardal

– Dutch /Nederlands: Indische mosterd, Sareptamosterd

– German / Deutsch: Braune Senf, Chinesischer Senf, Indischer Senf, Sareptasenf, RutenKohl

– Polish /Polski: Kapusta sitowata

– Danish / Dansk: Indisk sennep

– Norwegian / Norsk bokmål: Indisk sennep

– Finnish / Suomi: Sareptansinappi

– Swedish / Svenska: Sareptasenap

  • Scientific name: Brassica juncea.

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21 June, 2021

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