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Goji berries in food

Goji berries are almost never found in its fresh form outside the production regions. They are usually found in the packaging market in dried form, but they can also be found as tea or juice.

This particular fruit has an attractive reddish color, with a taste between sour and sweet at the same time, similar to blueberries but with a sticky texture.

Here are some ideas to include these berries in your diet and benefit from their properties:

Consumption: How to take Goji berries?

Photo of goji berries

Photo of goji berries

  • Dried berries in desserts for its reddish color. It is a very attractive complement to add to our food and to give it a touch or a sweet contrast. You can enter in cakes, biscuits, yogurts, smoothies, crackers, granola,… Imagination to power!
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  • Red fruits: a great snack! Goji berries can also be consumed as if they were nuts, taking 20g at breakfast and / or as a snack. They are easy to wear and very practical!
  • Fruity infusion: a sweet preparation from the dried berries and hot water. Infusion is performed and allowed to stand 10 minutes. It can be combined with other herbs or fruits, such as mint, lemon balm, thyme, cloves, lemon verbena,, lemon peel or orange,…
  • Dishes cooked with Goji: you can use the dried berries for rice preparations, soups, salads and meat dishes (stews,…).
  • Goji juice: ideal for breakfast or snack.
  • Oil from the seeds of Goji: Obtained from the cold pressing of the seeds. Currently the method of production is very expensive so, practically, it is not available on the market.

Where to Buy Goji Berries?

The dried berries can be purchased at specialty food stores, fruit shops, markets, bulk in some stores, gourmet shops, food stores and large supermarkets. There are also available on online shops.

The price of dried berries can range between 13 and 65 euros a kilo, depending on the crop (organic or conventional) of the preparation process (drying in the sun or industrial) and conservation (through additives or pasteurization of the product).

The Goji berry juice is priced approximately 20 to 38 euros a liter.

It is important to buy berries preferably packaged and labeled properly. The label must include the content, composition, trademark, weight, origin of the product, lot number and expiration date.

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17 May, 2021

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