Toxicity and contraindications of safflower

Why safflower oil or plant  is bad for you?

When you should not use safflower?

This plant must be avoided in the following cases:

  • Allergy to compound plants: People allergic to Daisy family plants (Asteraceae or Compositae)  can also be allergic to safflower, from the same family.
  • Safflower can lower blood pressure too much:  Do not take safflower if you suffer from hypotension or if you take medication against hypertension.
  • Safflower can affect blood clotting. Do not take safflower if you have bleeding, stomach ulcer, digestive ulcer, if you take anticoagulant medication, or thrombosis medication.
  • Surgery: Safflower can affect clotting. Do not take safflower at least 2 weeks before surgery, and check with your doctor before starting treatment.
  • Safflower flowers have an emmenagogue effect. Do not take safflower flowers if you are pregnant.

Toxicity of safflower

  • Safflower flowers can cause miscarriage. Do not take safflower if you are pregnant because it has an abortive effect.
  • Safflower oil can affect blood clotting. Do not take safflower oil if you take medication for coagulation or thrombosis.

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28 January, 2020

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