How to make an apple pie



- ½ kilo of flour.

- ¼ liter of water.

- 1 kg and half of apples.

- 125 cl of olive oil.

- ¼ kilo of sugar.

- 1 tablespoon of yeast.


- Knead the flour with water, oil and yeast, stirring it with your hands in a container.

apple pie
Apple pie

- Allow it to ferment for half an hour.

- Meanwhile, peel the apples, the heart has to be removed and the apples cut into thin slices.

- When the dough is ready, make a very thin dough layer on a tin tray.

- Put the apple slices on the dough tight next to one another until the whole mass is covered, leaving a space of 2 cm on the edges.

- Turn the border over the mass, forming a border so that the juice does not escape.

- Sprinkle some sugar on top of it and cook in the oven for half an hour at 160 ° C. It is done when well toasted.

Ways to serve

Cut to pieces and served cold as a dessert.

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