What to eat with breast cancer

Importance of food in cancer prevention

From a natural point of view, food and diet constitute the main factors to avoid the cancer, including breast cancer.

It is known that women of western countries are more prone to suffer this disease, especially those that live in countries with a bad diet, very rich in fats, with a great ingestion of sugars and flour refinings, with an industry of fast food, full of sweeteners, food preservatives and additives.

All this has a high caloric power that entails a very high rate of obesity and a greater predisposition to develop tumors.


Comparisons have been made about the incidence of this disease in women who follow the previous model versus women who live in cultures which give a greater importance to vegetal natural foods (Fruits, vegetables, legumes, etc.) and where the ingestion of food of animal origin, especially in the form of fats, is not so big.

The results have shown that women who adopt the second type of diet do not present so high a percentage of breast cancer. Nevertheless, when these women move to live to a western country and adopt that country own diet, the percentage of patients increases, it is even parallel to her daughters or granddaughters.

All this demonstrates the incidence of food and diet in the development of breast cancer. Consult: Diet for the prevention of the cancer

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