Honeysuckle side effects

Lonicera caprifolium


What are honeysuckle side effects?

- The use of flowers and leaves in appropriate doses does not present side effects, although it is recommended not to use it in case of pregnancy or lactation, because there are few studies with respect to the safety of the same.

- The fruits are toxic.

- Dermatitis: honeysuckle can produce dermatitis or irritation by direct contact of the fresh plant with the skin.

- Digestive disorders: the stem (which is very sweet and sometimes can be sucked) and honeysuckle leaves are very rich in saponins, irritating principles of the digestive tract. These components attack the digestive system and can cause vomiting, diarrhea and stomach irritation.

Poisoning can lead to convulsions, heart alterations, and even death.

- Purgative: the fruits, taken in amounts superior to the recommended ones, have purgative effects of the digestive tract, due to the irritating effect of its components.

- Allergies or skin rashes: Some people may be allergic to this plant.

Is honeysuckle suitable for pregnancy and lactation?

Honeysuckle is NOT recommended during pregnancy and lactation because of its possible toxicity due to saponins. There are no reports on the safety of this plant during pregnancy and lactation.

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