(Humulus lupulus)

Is hop toxic?

No, hops or hop plant (Humulus lupulus) are not poisonous. However, its use is subject to the medical prescription as it may have unwanted side effects, and therefore important contraindications.

medicinalsWhat are hop components?

- Resins: (15-30 %) plant resins are rich in a compound called lupulin. * Learn about Properties of lupulin in the listing above.

- Bitter principles: lupulin, humulene, hupulone (Fruit)

- Essential oils: (0.3-1 %) alpha- caryophyllene mainly (90%), farnescene, eugenol, limonene, myrcene, valeric ester. The main component of the oil is alpha- caryophyllene, also called humulene by its presence in the essential oil of Humulus lupulus.

- Flavonoids: quercetin, Kaempferol, (Fruits) Rutin (fruit and especially leaves)

- Tannins: (2-4%): gallocatechins

- Phytosterols

Toxic or dangerous principles of hops

Toxic principles of seeds: bitter principles of the resin.

- The bitter principles found in hops resin have depressant effects on the nervous system, conferring sedative and tranquilizing properties to this plant. However, in high doses, these components can cause some side effects such as headache, episodes of delusions and mental tiredness, as well as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, low pulse, or constipation. Hops growers and the people who work manipulating the cones (fruits) can suffer these symptoms.

- At high doses, the essential oil is irritating and narcotic.

* Learn about side effects of hops in the listing above.

medicinalsHops for pregnancy and lactation

The use of hops is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation for its estrogenic effect. Although, studies show that, when administered to nursing mothers, lupulin increases the flow of milk, it has Not proven safe. Consult your doctor before taking hops in these to cases.

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