Hop characteristics

What is a hop plant?

Characteristics of hop (Humulus lupulus)

Common English Name: Common hop, hop (Name of the plant); hops (name of the female flowers, sometimes used a substitute name of the whole plant)

wild hop
Photo of wild hop, typically coiled in other plants

Scientific name: Humulus lupulus L.

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Family: Cannabaceae

Habitat. Where to find hop plants?

Natural wet and cold areas of Europe, where it can be found in the wild in hedges, weeds and forest boundaries or along rivers. Imported to other parts of the world for the production of beer, it can appear naturalized, being quite abundant in China and the United States.

Description of hop

Dioecious perennial plant of the Cannabaceae family up to 8 m. tall.

Annual twining stems that twine in any possible hold.

Leaves dark green palmate – divided, provided with 3-5 toothed lobes.

Male and female flowers on different plants. The first are yellow-green and are gathered in panicles, the female, gathered in catkins, are light green. Female flowers of hop are called hops

Fruits in achene.

Hop components

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9 January, 2022

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