How do you know a watermelon is good?

How to choose the right watermelon


When to harvest watermelons?

Watermelons should be collected just when they are the right point of maturity.

In general, the point of maturity of watermelons occurs at 40-45 days after fertilization of flowers.

  • Collection must be staggered every 34 days.

  • Watermelons should be collected with the petiole to keep it fresh longer

  • Collection should be done first thing in the morning, or late in the afternoon.

  • Store them in a cool place, protected from the sun.

Point of maturity of watermelons. How do you know a watermelon is ripe?

A slice of ripe watermelon

A ripe watermelon is characterized by:

  • The fruit petiole is ripe.

  • The fruit has lost its hairiness.

  • The tendril in the axil of the branch is dry.

  • The side where the fruit touched the ground must be yellow. Being green or white indicate that, when collected, the watermelon was not yet ready.

  • Good weight in proportion to the size of the fruit.

  • If we give a little tap to the fruit, we will listen a sound like a small drum, as if air inside. This "cluck" or hollow sound is heard, indicating that watermelon is ripe.

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