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The use of supplements to solve the problems of poor digestion helps solve problems of chronic indigestion. The main supplements are:

- Calcium: Calcium carbonate is used as a supplement to neutralize the excess of acidity and other unpleasant symptoms that occur after eating when the stomach does not digest food well. (The usual dose is around 10 gr. After every meal)

- Magnesium: Magnesium gluconate is another supplement often used to combat heartburn. It is believed that many cases of indigestion may be caused by a deficiency of this element, especially in regard to nausea or vomiting after eating or persistent maldigestion. (The usual dose is around 500 mg each time)

- Liquorice: Licorice pills without glycyrrhizin (DGL) to help combat poor digestion that occur in cases of intestinal inflammation. Neutralizes the excess of acidity. (The usual dose is about 6 pills a day divided into three doses between meals)

- Vitamin A: It helps fight stomach irritation and pain that occurs in cases of stomach inflammation. (The dose is usually around 25000 IU, divided into two doses for 4 or 5 days)

- Vitamin B: The intake of supplements containing this group of vitamins helps to improve digestion. (1 tablet in each of the main meals during the worst days. 1 tablet in the morning to prevent relapse)

Licorice sweets
Sweets of licorice extract

- Goldenseal: It is believed that its alkaloids berberine, hydrastine and berberastine, together with vitamin C, give it anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to protect the stomach and prevent intestinal mucosal lesions. They also stimulate the body to repair possible stomach damage. (Take capsules or make decoctions with powdered rhizome of goldenseal, sold in pharmacies or herbalists in accordance with the terms of the patients leaflet. Never exceed the stated dose)

- Cayenne pepper: Cayenne pepper supplements in the form of capsules, tablets or dry flat can help improve digestion.

- Acidophilus: They help to restore intestinal flora and eliminate the harmful bacteria that are responsible for many problems of poor digestion. (The usual dose is a couple of pills a day between the two main meals)

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