Lemon balm side effects

(Melissa officinalis)

What side effects can balm produce?

Normally, in appropriate medical uses, the balm has no side effects. However, although rarely, there are few:

The use of lemon balm in hypothyroid patients may aggravate the disease

The use of lemon balm in people taking conventional drugs to sedate the body may enhance the effects of these.

The use of lemon balm in mentally ill people could be detrimental.

Used externally, balm preparations can cause irritation or dermatitis in contact with the light (phototoxicity). Cover the affected treated area that can be in ​​contact with the light and do not use in case of prolonged exposure to sunlight or if you have to very high places where solar radiation is strong.

A drawing of the plant

What effect high doses of lemon balm can produce?

Lemon balm, taken in higher doses than necessary, can cause side effects that manifest in symptoms such as headache, confusion, lack of alertness, nervousness, irritability, etc..

Melissa essential oil is not recommended in pregnancy because it can cause abortions. Neither is appropriate in infancy. This plant is slightly narcotic in low doses, but it is dangerous when used in high doses.

Balm is an herb that causes sleepiness. Do Not take during the day if you are required to be "wide awake" (driving, working, etc)

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